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Well, for one thing, I've decided that (with :icondan-zigg:'s permission if he wouldn't mind), that I am adding The Dan-Zigg character into the Super T and The Unit Series. Probably an earlier character, something as a mentor the young hero as he's stills solo. It'll be awesome! :D

Also, I'm officially combining every series I've made. Super T, Fast-Forward, Transmorpher, The Barbarian, Ace Booster: Space Defender, BARRY, Armored Lightning, My Martial Arts Series of unnamed origin, my unnamed ancient gods series, and my unnamed jewerly fighting show into one new universe. I want to work for DC some day soon (Or at least WB who owns DC) and it'll be called The DCCU, The DC Cartoon Universe. Basically, it's the Basic New 52 DC Universe (Not many liked it, but meeeh...), but it's all in a more cartoonish world.

Next up...I saw this series about young Justice League of America as toddlers on dA called JL8. I was IN LOVE...and then it gave me an idea.

Super T, The Unit, Team Storm, Team Quantum, and my other characters have never gotten a chance to interact with high profile DC Characters, save for Captain Marvel, Angel & The Ape, and Animal Man...and possibly Lobo in the future. But never REAL BIG GUYS! I mean big I had an idea...

Super T & The Unit:...I need to find a song that talks about being young again, preferably a Soul or Rap song 0_0

Anyway, it's about Titus (The Main Villain of my stories) teaming with Braniac. Titus infiltrates the Watchtower and takes over with the help of Braniac. Braniac and Titus develop a new device that de-ages The JLA (I'm creating the roster because A.) There are some people I want to use and DON'T want to use, and B.) The roster changes nearly every second so making my own won't be too bad.) to 12 year olds. Elyk, his mind control powers limited to the young, takes over their minds and The JLA come to earth. The Unit finds them...a fight ensues...they break Elyk's mind control, and now The JLA are free...but still 12. So while a cure needs to be found, they must fit in with The Unit's school. Hi-larious hi-jinks ensues, while Titus, Elyk, and Braniac try to find The League while using the Watchtower for their own evil purposes.

Like it?

I was hoping to get some helpful input from you all as well from this as to how I should execute a few of these things and whatnot. So yeah.

So...comment...and stuff :iconblargplz:
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Aspiring Animator/Producer
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Ok then.
I'm a cartoonist in the making. I'm in the 10th grade. I think I'm okay at drawing right now, but my drawing is always evolving. I started out with stick figures, and ended up drawing Psuedo-Anime (Resembles Anime, but isn't Anime). I still need help with color, shading, and backgrounds, so I need someone to help me with that. I think my best point is in stoyline making. I can make a decent storyline and a decent series. (If anyone would like to collaborate, please feel free to conact me). I hope that this is just a stepping stone for when I become an Animator/Producer/Cartoonist. That's all I can say for now, so thanks for reading!

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: R&B
Favourite style of art: Comic Style, Tex Avery, Anime
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
Favourite cartoon character: Well...MINE!! Just joking. Probably Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: I can do it! I can do it!

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